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Why Ad Crashers?

Collectively Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) account for 66% of all formal jobs in South Africa and contribute 20% to GDP. It is clear that any chance we have of fixing our economy lies in their hands, and any initiative like Ad Crashers, focused on stimulating growth, is one that we should all rally behind.


The two biggest risks to small business in a shrinking economy are:         

  • Cash-flow

  • Collapsing demand


Government’s relief packages will go a long way in providing essential cash-flow, but they won’t help reverse the collapsing demand. We know that one of the most powerful tools for increasing demand of products and services is big media advertising, and in order for small business to get a piece of the action, we believe that it’s time for them to crash the big ad party! So, Big agency and big media have come together to create Ad Crashers, a platform for small business to get big advertising exposure – free. By rallying South Africans around supporting small business, and giving the businesses the advertising platform they need, we can all help small business to succeed. And when small business succeeds, so does our economy!